Ice Skating 2017 South Holland

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Skating on natural ice in South Holland 2017

Ice speed skating Holland

It was iffy. Would we be able to skate this winter, 2016/17? I was just back from southern Spain, all warmed up, but hoping still… and it become clear, end January, that we would get a chance. It was a small window of opportunity. Actually two. Two or three days of possible skating on natural ice. Many folks were falling through the ice, so we waited. It was well worth it!

The last night was the best. Black ice, 6CM thick and just awesome. The shortest time on the skates was the first time – all of one minute… but, was a milestone. The first time ice-skating in 4-years since I broke my leg, on that very stretch of frozen H2O! Even our dog had fun on the ice!

We skated a couple times at the Nootdorpse Ijsbaan, where our family are members and one evening at the Pijnacker ijsclub. (There I fell partially through the ice) Captured some great ice speed skating Holland style! The best of all was the last time. The early evening on the small canal right before our house. The solid form of water, that black ice, was just incredible and we had a great time. Some of the neighbours thought we were crazy. Well, skaters have always been different…

A few videos from the ice skating 2017 in South Holland, from my vantage point!

Last, but not least, 33 minutes of speed skating footage and other skaters, ice-skating around the outdoor rink in Nootdorp, South Holland…

Ice skating and speed skating South Holland 2017

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Ice Skating 2017 on natural ice in South Holland.

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