USA Road Trip Documented Video – Coast to Coast

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USA Road Trip

Driving in an RV from East to West, coast to coast across America.

A road trip is something you do, not describe. I said that time and time again, so decided to video document this adventure. A documentary of sorts. Drive with us on this USA road trip from Massachusetts to California in a RV camper right across this beautiful country. Travel with friends and family like this is optimal!

USA Road Trip East to West YouTube

It is more than a compilation and certainly not a time-lapse video, although some parts included some features like this. The film is more following us in the RV and making pit-stops at the various American landmarks, historical markers and National Parks through this amazing country. Check out the full road trip video USA below!

USA Road trip – East to West – Massachusetts to California in a RV Camper

USA Road Trip Itinerary and Planning

Driving through the following states:
Massachusetts • New York• Pennsylvania • Ohio • Illinois • Indiana 
Missouri • Oklahoma •Texas • New Mexico • Arizona • California
  • Oct 22  Drive through the pass to Orange County, CA

Length of the Video:     5:59:28 (5 hours, 59 minutes and 28 seconds)
Link to the Video:
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USA road trip, from east to west, a drive from coast to coast and more!

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