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Ice Skating 2017 South Holland
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Skating on natural ice in South Holland 2017 It was iffy. Would we be able to skate this winter, 2016/17? I was just back from southern Spain, all warmed up, but hoping still… … Read More

OLIVEO Winter Trainingskamp Spanje 2017
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OLIVEO goes to Spain   Van Koppen & Van Eijk • Transportbedrijf Joh. van der Haas • Bexter • T.B. van Wichen Installatietechniek • Wilton Financial Services • Club van 100 OLIVEO • • Klarenbeek gevelonderhoud • Nationale-Nederlanden • SVR loonbedrijf ••• Peter, Bedankt – video ••• Winter trainingskamp 2017 … Read More

Sunset on the Pond
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A Sunset, Quotes are Made of… Zonsondergang op de Vijver in Klapwijk, Pijnacker. It was an amazing Dutch evening. One quotes are made for! It went from orange and red to purple and yellow … Read More

Santa Claus and his Dutch Origins
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Santa Claus Origins And his Dutch Connections… View video – The Dutch Sinterklaas – the origins of Santa Claus The origins of Santa Claus – the Dutch connection   The Dutch have contributed a … Read More

Swan Young Hatchings Leaving Nest
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Swan young hatchings leaving the nest These swan young or cygnets as they are called are ready to leave the nest after hatching. Only problem is, still one egg left to hatch! See … Read More

Dutch Sunset on the Church
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A Dutch sunset behind the Catholic Church of St John the Baptist in Pijnacker, The Netherlands. Filmed and photographed on October 30, 2013. More foto’s of Dutch Sunset with Church. From where these pictures were taken, … Read More


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