What is not interesting? That said, naturally certain interests otherwise know as hobbies seem to be more prevalent in my life. These are just a few.

Ancient symbols are a point of interest of mine… I did some research on the first so-called christian symbol (the 8-spoked wheel), know to many as the fish symbol, but more the roots of this modern day Christian sign. You can read about it in the special section, on this subject.

You may also want to watch this off-beat video we made in Strasbourg, France, with a bit on this as well. This video also includes another interest of mine: Print Media and Publishing. The inventor of moveable type and the printing press is Johannes Gutenburg and I also have a little special on him too.

Johannes Gutenburg
Johannes Gutenburg Gutenburg

You can read more about print media, publishing and graphic design (graphic arts) at a little side project on my site:

The mystery, apparent or otherwise, of Rennes-la-Chateau and the priest Sauniere, also intrigues me. See pictures of my visit to this infamous southern French village here. (This is basically what Dan Brown based his best selling novel, The Da Vinci Code on, albeit with many other twists and turns.) Another mystery of sorts is the floating light bulb illusion, recently seen performed by the protector of this trick, Hanks Klok.

Astrophotography is something I am still trying to figure out, but it is a lot of fun. I had a thrill of my life when I first spotted Jupiter’s Galilean moons! Which brings me to YouTube, which is a huge intrest of mine. One of my main video channels is: Life in Holland – soccer, nature and family.

Most of all, I am still working towards my goal of not only re-reading the Bible from cover to cover, but also understand and placing into action as much of The Word as I can.