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On April 15, 2008 I started the now popular Markzware YouTube channel. The first video on the same date, was titled, “Adobe InDesign “preflight” vs Markzware’s FlightCheck.” It felt extremely liberating to be able to express these truths to the print media world via the YouTube service. To date this open debate has more then 10,000 views. Back then, many praised this form of communication, for it was new in the printing and print media market, not to mention the business world in general. Still till this day, we generate a lot of good will and better understanding of our products through this important medium, video. Not too mention the further¬†education of print media workflows in general.


With just shy of 2 million views (1,904,929) and 1k subscribers, this well visited YouTube user¬†get’s plenty of attention from graphic designers, publishers and prepress professionals alike. We continue to provide monthly if not weekly video content and have in total 355 videos. A lot of them will be demonstrations of our important software tools for InDesign users, such as Q2ID (Quark to InDesign), PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign) or FlightCheck (Prepress Quality Assurance) to name a few.

Below is that first video, highlighting why FlightCheck instead of so-called built in preflight options within InDesign, was and STILL largely IS, so important. You can Subscribe to Markzware on YouTube here.

Markzware YouTube Channel for graphic designers, DTP publishers and printers alike.

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