OLIVEO is a grass-roots amateur football (soccer) club in South Holland, The Netherlands. OLIVEO’s first team (men, adult) is called OLIVEO 1. They play in the Dutch 3rd class amateur league (Sunday competition) and are looking to be promoted to the 2nd class this season. I was asked, starting several years ago now, to make action photographs and video summaries of their home games. You can see this years collection of videography and imagery here, on the OLIVEO 1 foto’s en filmpjes page.


This project has many unique and creative aspects, which makes it both challenging and rewarding. Not only do we produce a video summary or highlights film of each home-match, but we also capture with a GoPro type of cam the entire game from behind the goal. This way the coach and technical staff of OLIVEO can do a better match analysis. This is done using a custom video tool for soccer match analysis called Sportbundels, used also by professional Dutch soccer teams.
Making still, action pictures, as a by-product to capturing video is a challenge all within itself. It means literally I often have 3 or 4 cameras live along or around the football pitch.

Goals are often hard to come by in soccer. Don’t want to miss capturing one! More then one goal I have captured on video has won the Dutch KNVB’s voetbal.nl Moment of the week award. Yet a great action shot still speaks a thousand words…

Niels Benthuizen was also a Moment of the Week winner, a hit on YouTube and a hit in the local press! (AD Delft – story credit)


YouTube Video Playlists from OLIVEO 1

OLIVEO 1 Photo’s and Video’s Collections by Season

Every August, at the start of the season, we gather for the traditional photo-shoot. We make a large group photo from the selection, which means OLIVEO 1, 2 and 3. In conjunction with that, we make a series of individual player photographs or portraits to be used throughout the season by the club and other third-party press requests.

OLIVEO 1 Match Videos and Photos

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