Train the Trainer

In this project, we (Pijnacker01) created a storyboard and how-to for training soccer coaches on using the ladder (loopladder in Dutch) for training soccer players. Training the trainers is half of the battle. Using the ladder to sharpen technical skills, condition and agility is an excellent method for trainers, but does require some know-how. Through a fruitful collaboration with, who carried out the training and some key planning, the project was and still is a huge success. The video on the YouTube channel from OliveoVoetbalTV now has over 29,000 views and 35 likes. Many skills were needed for this in-depth project to work, including, but not limited to video recording, photography, photographic and video editing skills just to name a few. Additional videos have been added and all training materials can be found here – Train de Trainer – Loopladder — Oliveo Voetbal

Link to video tutorial – Train de Trainer – Loopladder 


Lichaamshouding Train De Trainer
Position of body in ladder exercises for soccer training

Train the trainer video series for soccer trainers.

  • Video tutorial for soccer trainers: Train the Trainers on various ladder exercises
  • Skills Needed: After Effects, iMovie, Photoshop, video recording, photography
  • Project for: vv OLIVEO
  • In Cooperation with:
  • Website:

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